Installing a Carn Kitchen in your campsite has clear advantages over just laying out seats and loose cooking appliances. The components cannot be knocked over or easily removed. You have a robust and functional public space designed to last at least as long as your pods.

It does require a little bit of groundworks...but it's worth it for the peace of mind.

Once you have decided on the layout and location, the Carn Kitchen installation starts with a shallow excavation in good ground conditions. The base is exactly 2400x1200 (8'x4'), the same size as a sheet of plywood, and150mm (6”) is all you need to dig out. Use some hardcore gravel to create a firm and level foundation. The steel base is laid in level, route your electric supply if required, and backfill the base with gravel to give a very secure footing for your assembly. The ground is then re-instated to match the surroundings. This can be paving slabs, decking, gravel or simply re-lay the turf.

Assembly of the components is then a simple task with two people and a socket drive.

Think of your Carn Kitchen installation as a small building project, albeit a quick and easy one. We offer support and assistance in the assembly, so please discuss this so that we can work out logistics according to where you are.

There are different seat styles to choose from as well as different configurations of box shelf and lamp.

An outdoor socket in the box shelf might be handy for charging a phone or the sound system :)

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