As with all solid fuel cooking, fire management is the key. The CARN Chimenea works nicely as a barbeque grill, with the added benefit of a door to keep your food succulent and flavoursome. It also functions well as an oven, and with a well-managed fire you can turn out delicious pizzas and pan roasts.

You might want to light the fire 45 minutes before you intend to cook. Get a hearty blaze going with well seasoned, clean wood to warm up the oven and create a deep bed of charcoals. You could also add some lumpwood charcoal for a more sustained cooking environment. There should be no flames present when you start cooking, just a nice bed of hot embers.

Use the Chimenea as you would a normal barbeque grill, closing the door to develop the flavours and prevent drying out. Pizzas work well with a heavy tray or pizza stone to cook the crust without burning.

If you need to increase the temperature, remove any food from the oven and use seasoned kindling or charcoal to create more hot coals and cook the second round.

Once food has been served throw on a few logs to create an ambient fire, soon the whole chimney and oven will radiate warmth.